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Marisol Rodriguez

Marisol Rodriguez

Founder & Executive Director

Marisol has served in the pregnancy resource center field for 12 years, first as a volunteer, and then as a Director of an urban center. Her years of experience in serving women facing an unplanned pregnancy, lead her to see the many needs and obstacles women in poverty were facing.

Burdened by the struggles that confronted these new moms, Marisol, and three other women also with a pregnancy center background founded RENEW Life Center in 2013. Our goal was to fill in the gap that exist after the services offered at a pregnancy center ends.

Before becoming the Co-Founder and Executive Director of RENEW Life Center, Marisol worked in the Information Technology field with corporations such as Dun & Bradstreet, Verizon Wireless, and Prudential.

Marisol and her husband Fernando have four adult children.

Sheri Drost

Sheri Drost

Director of Programs

Sheri was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania and since junior high school aspired to become an inner-city teacher. Sheri achieved a BA in Elementary Education and started her dream career as a first-grade teacher in Irvington, New Jersey. Sheri found that fostering supportive relationships with parents, and equipping them with tools to apply learning strategies at home, increased their child’s academic successes at school. This inspired her to earn an MA in Literacy Education and to provide literacy-rich opportunities for her children in her role as a stay at home mom. Sheri began volunteering at RENEW Life Center in 2015 by caring for infants and toddlers of the moms who were taking the Getting Ahead workshop. Seeing beautiful women transformed from feeling broken from daily hardships to finding hope and confidence, she was eager to walk alongside them as they build brighter futures for themselves and their children. Sheri helped develop RENEW’s mentoring program in 2017 and became Director of Programs in 2018.

Candy Jenao

Candy Jenao

Program Assistant

In 2017, I was feeling stuck and felt that there could be no difference in my future. I was looking at the world through a dark lens.

Then I found out about the Getting Ahead class and decided to take it. The experience was eye-opening. It provided me with hope and removed that dark lens in which I use to view my world. I realized that even though there are some things in life we cannot control, we can control how we perceive it and that there are things that we can do to change our outcomes for the future. There is no longer the need to feel stuck and hopeless. I have been blessed with the opportunity at RENEW Life Center to come on staff and share the information that transformed my life with the women we serve. I want to help ignite that light in them that was ignited in me so they can go from feeling stuck and hopeless to feeling empowered. Watching these women walk through the door the first day of the course with their head down and watching them transform and walking out the last day of class with a smile and their head held high is what I wake up for every morning.

Our Story

Founded in 2013, RENEW Life Center comes alongside pregnancy resource centers to provide additional support and services to women who have chosen life.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be frightening, and even more so when one is trapped in generational poverty.

RENEW offers life-changing educational programs that get to the root causes of poverty. Paired with RENEW mentors, these Moms can create healthy and economically stable homes for their babies to grow.

Our mission is to help families overcome generational poverty by providing life-changing programs that lead to economic self-sufficiency, healthy relationships, and restored dignity.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to prepare and inspire individuals from under-resourced communities to become role models in their families and leaders who take on an active role in alleviating and reducing poverty in their community.


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